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March 21, 2020
by ellie22sw

Ancient Egyptian Papyrus Story

Abrax The Snake




     I woke up in the same spot as always, and I knew I was needed. I adjusted my eyesight and zeroed in on the details. I looked around me at the reddish-black cave like area that loomed over me. I looked behind me and saw the familiar silver scale with an obsidian bar on top of it holding two silver pans. One of them had a heart, and the other had a shimmering golden feather. I saw Ra (the sun god) looking boredly at the scale, and Pilis (the crocodile headed creature) looking hungrily at it. I saw a person looking sure of themselves, but I also saw that they had a hint of fear. Then I looked back at the scale. The heart was lower than the feather, Then the feather turned pure black. Pilis growled excitedly then in one swift movement ate the heart whole. I sighed. typical, I thought as I dozed back to sleep.


The Story Begins  


     Hi I’m Abrax. I’m a snake that has lived my whole life waiting. I remember when I was just a snakelet and Ra explained to me how I was given an opportunity. When I woke up, there would be a scale. On one side of the scale would be a feather, and on the other side would be the heart of a human. The human of which whose heart was on the scale would be there to. The heart would be weighed. The weight depended on if they were bad, or good in their life. (If the heart was heavier it shows they were bad, and vice versa.) If the heart was heavier than the Feather, the feather would turn black, then Pills would eat the heart and I would go back to sleep. If the heart was the same weight as the feather it would turn white, and then my job would come into play. I would grant 3 wishes to whoever’s heart that was. I waited, but all humans insist on being bad. Now I wait. I have been waiting ever since that day. But did anyone come? No. Every time I think that i will be needed, it is just a false alarm… Until now.


I woke up again I looked behind me at the scale, then laid back down. What was the point? I was gonna fall asleep anyway. I closed my eyes. Then nothing happened. Pills should’ve ate their heart by now? I thought. I opened my eyes to see a Human girl. She looked not fully grown up, maybe a teenager? She had short, black, choppy hair and a determined look on her face. Her deep green eyes were staring intently at the scale. I looked back at the scale. The scale was moving the feather and the heart up and down, one second the heart appeared to be heavier than the feather, then the next second the heart appeared to be lighter. Everyone was watching the scale very intently. Just then the scale settled. I couldn’t believe my eyes, They were the exact same weight!


     The feather turned white. I got up. I was stunned. Then I said to the girl, “What is your name?” “Safiya” she replied. Then I continued “I am Abrax, I will grant you three wishes.” Safiya looked stunned as well. She thought for a moment, Then said “My first wish is to be alive again.” Then she pointed to me and continued “And you are coming with me.”


     My first thought was What?! And then I realized, I didn’t know how to grant wishes. I looked to Ra for guidance and then he whispered in my ear and said, “Tenticly, that was two wishes, but whatever, Mandisa.” “What?” I replied confused, “What does Mandisa-“ but before I could continue I got submerged in sparkly blue particles. 


     I would like to say I waited calmly for it to be over, but nope, quite the opposite, actually. When the particles appeared, my first thought was oh, what’s that? Then when it started to drown me, I started screaming. One part of my brain was a little confused, if it were drowning me how was I screaming? But the sensible part of me was overruled by my sheer terror. Then, finally after a few minutes of torture, the particles disintegrated.


     When the particles on my eyes were gone I could see my surroundings. I wasn’t in the cave anymore, I saw miles and miles of sand. There was an oasis with a few trees around it, not to far away from me on my left.  And there was a pyramid adjacent to the oasis. The sky was blank, not a cloud in sight. In the distance I saw the pyramid of Giza. Then I looked to the right of me and saw Safiya. Safiya looked just as surprised as me that we were drowned by particles, but not as terrified. What just happened? I thought. “I don’t know.” Safiya said. 


     How did she know that I thought that? “Thought what?” Safiya asked curiously. But I didn’t say anything?! “You just did.” Safiya said. What is going on?! “I don’t know.” Safiya said. Then I tried to say “I didn’t say anything” but no words came out of my mouth. Then I thought Safiya, if you can hear this, please respond. “Of course I can hear you.” Safiya said then my mind started racing how can she hear my thoughts? What if she can’t and she’s just toying with me? What if- “Will you just stop talking?” Safiya interrupted. “So if I can hear your thoughts, which isn’t possible, could you hear my thoughts?” I listened but couldn’t hear any thoughts other than my own. “Well then no i guess.” Safiya said “Well, why are we just standing here? Let’s go to my pyramid!” 


     Your pyramid? I thought “yea, I am- I mean was pharaoh, until a crocodile ate me.” Her expression turned dark. Oh. I thought. Then her face lit up again as she said “I wonder if anyone is in the pyramid!” Then she rushed in. 


     The inside of the pyramid looked much bigger than the outside. There was hieroglyphs, and paintings all over the walls. And there was a red carpet leading up to a throne. The throne. The throne was had a black backdrop and had so many different colored gems and jewels embedded in it. On the throne was a silver and gold sarcophagus that also had gems embedded in it. Wow. “I know, right?” Safiya said. It’s going to take some getting used to that she can pretty much read my mind. And then someone behind us said, “Safiya?!”


     I whirled around to see a woman significantly older than Safiya, but they had similar hair. “Mom!” Safiya exlamed. “But, how?!” Safiya’s mom said. She looked very confused, and I thought I saw a little flicker of annoyance in her expression. Why isn’t she more excited that Safiya is here, not exactly alive, but she doesn’t know that. then Safiya glared at me. She probably didn’t like that. Oh, wait can her mom hear me?! I thought frantically. If she heard me that could be pretty bad, but her expression didn’t show any signs that she heard me. Then Safiya’s mom looked over to me “is that a snake?” She asked. “Yea,” Safiya said “it’s my pet.” Seriously? Her mother nodded. Then Safiya said “Well let’s get back home, I want to prepare a speech for my return.” 


     We walked for what seemed like miles until we reached a huge house. There were guards standing at the entrance, a few feet away from the doorway. When we came up to them they had very confused and surprised looks on their faces, but they still moved aside for us to go in.


     As we entered we were greeted by a man who I assumed was a slave “Welcome home Lady Neith, and is that Lady Safiya?!” “Yep” Safiya replied. “H-how-“ The slave started, but was cut off by Neith. “Now is not the time to dwell on that.” Then she walked to a different room, and so did the slave. Well I thought what to do now? Safiya shrugged, then sat down on a chair. After a few minutes passed Safiya said “I’m bored.” You would think that after you got delivered from a cave to the living world by magical particles right after a wish from a snake, you wouldn’t be bored, but I strangely agreed with her. Then I heard people from outside of the house.


     I looked out the window to see a herd of people. They were all yelling different things, and I could only make out a few of them “Pharaoh Safiya is Back!” “No she is not, she died, I saw it with my own eyes!” “What about Pharaoh Neith?” “Is Safiya going to be Pharaoh again?” All of their yelling made me get a headache. Then Neith walked into the room and said “What is all this noise?” Then she opened the front door and we all walked out.


     I first saw the guards being bombarded with questions by some random people I was about to look around some more but then Neith shouted over the crowd “Enough!” The crowd went silent. Not a single peep from anyone. It was so quiet you could hear the wind whispering in the trees down by the Nile. Everyone wanted to know what was going on. Then Neith sighed. “Ok, I know you all want an explanation for this, and as your Pharaoh I-“ then she was cut off by some random person in the crowd “But what about Pharaoh Safiya?” Then the crowd started talking over each other again. “This is so chaotic, to think I had to go through all that trouble to lead that crocodile in that oasis.” 


     The crowd went silent again, then some wishers started “she lead a crocodile in an oasis?” “was that Pharaoh Safiya’s swimming oasis?” “Was that on the same day she told Safiya to go take a swim in her oasis?” Everyone looked back at Neith. Then Neith had a worried expression on her face she probably didn’t mean to say that out loud. I put two and two together and now I think I know what happened. It also seems the crowd knows to. Then Neith stuttered as she tried to say “Um w-what I mean to say is-“ she was cut off by the crowd’s jeers. Some people grabbed her and led her to who knows where, and others lifted up Safiya and started to chant “Pharaoh Safiya! Pharaoh Safiya!” It seemed like a lot to take in, people went from wanting answers, to figuring out that Neith helped kill her own daughter, to worshiping Safiya. Seemed like a good ending to me.


The End- Wait, No


     What about the third wish? Didn’t Safiya get three wishes she used one and two, wish one being that she was alive again, and wish two being that I came with her. But what about wish three? Well that came into play one week later.


     It was one week after everything happened. Things were starting to get a routine. Everyone seemed content and happy. Except I couldn’t stop thinking about Safiya’s third wish, and so I decided to bring it up to her, maybe she had an idea for a wish. Hey Safiya, I thought “hello” Safiya said. Do you ever think of a third wish? Then Safiya thought for a moment. She looked as if she was weighing her choices, Then Safiya said “My third wish is for you to be free and you can be able to grant anyone wishes as you please.” What!? “That is my wish.” Safiya said. Then I thought Wait, do I need to activate this wish like the last two? “Hm,” Safiya said “didn’t you say something like Mandisa last time?” Oh yea! I remember saying Mandisa- before I could continue familiar blue particles popped out of nowhere, and proceeded to drown me. 


     Welp I thought here we go again I actually managed not to scream this time. When the particles disintegrated I didn’t feel any different. “Well, that didn’t-“ I started to say then I stopped myself “I can talk again!” I exclaimed. “And now I won’t be able to get you to stop talking.” Safiya said. I grinned then said “Now this seems like a perfectly good ending to me.”


The End.

June 4, 2019
by ellie22sw

Bento box

I made a slide show of objects and their meanings in the book Peak. This is a non-Linear slide show, so you can go in any order you would like.

May 3, 2019
by ellie22sw

Blogging challenge 9

     My week nine post is going to be about the book I am reading with my class, Peak. I like reading with the class, because you can talk about it with someone who is at the same point in the book as me, so there are no spoilers. As I mentioned in my “About Me” post I have lots of questions and predictions, and it is nice to share them. However, I don’t like it because we only read a few pages at a time.

Anyway I will give you a quick summary of the book so far. Peak is the main character. He is a fourteen year old kid. He was illegally climbing a skyscraper when the police found him. He got put in jail and went to court. The judge decided he could get out if he left and country with is father, Josh.  He went with his father Josh to climb Mount Everest (Peak normally lives with his mom and step father ).  Peak has his doubts about whether his dad wanted to spend time with him doing one of his favorite things ( climbing ) or if he wanted to save his business. If Peak made it to the summit he would be the youngest person to ever climb to over 29,000ft.

April 30, 2019
by ellie22sw

Blogging challenge 7

The week seven is about music. I will be talking about my music class. In my music class we were learning about music around the world. My favorite place to learn about was Africa. I liked Africa because they use their music to communicate. I think it is really amazing that you can communicate without talking.

Photo credit: https://pixabay.com/photos/africa-bongos-drums-music-2960524/

April 5, 2019
by ellie22sw

Blogging challenge 5

This blogging challenge is about schools around the world. I couldn’t tell you about other schools, well I guess I could but it wouldn’t help you grasp the idea of that school. So instead I will do my part by talking about my school.

I go to a private school in eastern Pennsylvania (which is a state in the USA.) Here we have normal classes like History, Social Studies, Reading, Math and Science. But, we also have specials like Spanish, Theater Arts, Art, Music, and Engineering and Design.

I’m going to go in depth with Engineering and Design, since most schools probably don’t have it. The class Engineering and Design is a class where you can build and learn to use different tools so far in this class we have made this book starting from scratch. We used cardboard and sewed the paper on. We are also using stencils to spray paint a cool design on the cover of the book. Last year in this class we made different carts to simulate carts used for the Overland Trail. Engineering and Design is one of my favorite classes in school.

March 15, 2019
by ellie22sw

Blogging Challenge 2

                                             This post is going to be a little different from the others. In this post I will have a step-by-step tutorial of making quality comments.

1. Read the post ( pretty self explanatory )

2. Use correct grammar ( it is easer to read it that way )

3. Don’t share any personal information ( also self explanatory )

4. Be polite, evan  if you disagree ( writing comments like “i hate this”, won’t do anything. Tell them what you think they can change nicely. )

5. Add questions to your comments ( it will keep conversations going )

March 10, 2019
by ellie22sw

Blogging challenge intro post

 Hi, I’m writing this in my reading class. We have read the book When The Sea Turned To Silver (which takes place in Ancient China).We are currently reading Heart Of A Samurai (which takes place in Japan). We are learning about Asia in social studies, and our reading teachers brought that to our class.

January 28, 2019
by ellie22sw

The story of the stolen bite of the peach

– Emperor Zu is related to the Immortal queen of the heavens

– The lmmortal queen gave him a peach to live longer

– A servent was walking to the Emperor with the peach

– A man stole the peach and took a bite

– The Emperor was jealous and afraid that he wouldn’t live longer because he didn’t have the first bite

– After the Emperor ate the peach he thought it would have tasted sweeter if he had the First bite

January 9, 2019
by ellie22sw

The story of The Painted Lion Eyes

– A girl was friends with a dragon

– Years later the dragon had to go, but told her that her town would be destructed when the lions eyes were red, and at that time she would need the iron rod

– The woman told the city that they would be destroyed, but they did not listen

– A man threw red paint on the lions eyes mockingly

– The woman wen to get the iron rod

– The woman came back to the now destroyed city, and survivors begged for forgiveness

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